Currently closed due to Corona. Please contact us for details.
When we open, then prayers at center require Masks and social distancing. Do Wudu at home and bring own prayer rug.
General Expenses BIC
We are local non-profit 501c(3) organization supported in full by our community and local philanthropic Read more
NWA Cemetery
By the Grace of GOD we have the permit for the Cemetery to use for Read more
Zakat (Arabic: زكاة‎ zakāh [zaˈkaːh], "that which purifies",[1] also Zakat al-mal [zaˈkaːt alˈmaːl] زكاة المال, "zakat on wealth",[2] or Zakah)[3] is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a Read more
In order to accomodate the growing population needs of our members we are always looking Read more
Fitra, also called as Fitrah or Fitrana or Zakat al Fitr, is the obligatory charity that Muslims have Read more
BIC Sunday School's mission is to bring our community together, and provide proper guidance to Read more
Our organization is an initiative under two Islamic Centers of Northwest Arkansas with a mission Read more

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