Currently closed due to Corona. Please contact us for details.
When we open, then prayers at center require Masks and social distancing. Do Wudu at home and bring own prayer rug.
Currently closed due to Corona. Please contact us for details.
When we open, then prayers at center require Masks and social distancing. Do Wudu at home and bring own prayer rug.

BIC Causes

Bentonville Islamic Center works to build positive relationships with other organizations and leaders in our community. These efforts support many of the core objectives of our center:

  • Strengthen the bonds between Muslims in the community.
  • Engage in community service through charitable giving, helping the needy and humanitarian efforts. 
  • Spread the message of Islam and its teachings to Muslims and non-Muslims in Northwest Arkansas
  • Promote better interfaith relationships through cultural and educational activities.

BIC in the Community

Members of the BIC have been involved in several interfaith events throughout Northwest Arkansas for the past several years. We enjoy positive, reciprocal relationships with our local faith leaders and community leaders. We appreciate these opportunities to spread the word about our faith, invite others to learn more about Islam’s traditions, and learn about the practices of other faiths.

  • Peace Walk — An event for members of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths to walk together to promote understanding and non-violence.

  • Interfaith Holiday Service — A gathering of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu religions to educate and learn from one another about holiday traditions. Held in November, it highlights how, regardless of religion, each group has thankfulness as a key tenet of its faith. 

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Observance — For Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, the Bentonville Islamic Center joined leaders of local Christian and Jewish communities to celebrate the life and teachings of the Civil Rights leader.  
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BIC for the Community

  • Muslims for Community (M4C) — A local organization affiliated with the non-profit organization Bentonville Islamic Center, whose volunteers work to help meet the needs of food insecure families in Northwest Arkansas. Muslims for Community currently serves the local community through a food pantry program delivering meals to local shelters. Families in need can shop the food pantry online and then pick up their week’s worth of supplies. To learn more, visit

  • Building a New Mosque in Northwest Arkansas — The Bentonville Islamic Center is raising funds to purchase land for a new Mosque in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Funding to Support Orphans through Mercy Without Limits — Since its establishment in 2012, MWL has been dedicated to addressing humanitarian needs for orphans, widows, and refugees regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. MWL initially specialized in aiding Syrian orphans and widows. However, as the demand for humanitarian relief has increased, they have expanded as a direct response organization to assist those most in need.

  • Water Well Project — Members of the BIC have been working with Mercy Without Limits to fund vital Water and Sanitation Hygiene projects in developing countries. Mercy Without Limits is driven by the belief that water is the fundamental basis of life and that each human being is entitled to the basic human right of clean consumable water. Unfortunately, for many around the world, that right has been undermined due to natural disasters, conflict, poverty, and social circumstances. BIC helps fund construction of large-scale water infrastructure projects that enable direct access to safe water and sanitation for thousands of people in countries affected by conflict. Furthermore, we provide training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions.
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